What is Xaya?

Xaya is an industry disrupting range which gives you the power to transform your current skin care products and adjust them daily to exactly what your skin needs, to customise and personalise your beauty regime.
Our highly refined range of pure concentrated actives allows you to select the actives you want, when you want them, and use the optimal dosage to target the specific needs of your skin.
Each vial contains pure and highly concentrated actives molecules that can be added into any skin or hair care product, turning a basic moisturiser into a custom designed skincare powerhouse with just a couple of drops.


Made to Mix
Unlike other skin care products on the market, Xaya is purpose-designed to mix seamlessly into other products. Specifically, Xaya:
+ Self-preserving = doesn't cause a preservative interaction or reaction on the skin
+ Seamlessly mixes = doesn't cause pilling (where different products react with each other and ball up into flakes)
+ Allows for multiple ingredient additions = truly personalised skin care control with formulas that don't react or cancel each other out
+ Super concentrated = won't weigh down your product - just 2 drops is all that's needed to achieve powerful results
All of our clean, no-nasties products are formulated in Australia by industry veteran Cosmetic Chemist Annabelle Personeni, and backed by clinical research and proven scientific evidence.
     + Oily skin
     + Dry skin
     + Mature skin [anti-age]
     + Environmental defence [for all skin types]
     + Problem skin