+ collagen boost
+ blue light protect
+ gold grafted Vitamin C
+ clinically proven
+ made in australia

What's in it:

Revolutionary Gold grafted nature identical Vitamin C for 100% skin penetration, collagen synthesis & blue light pollution protection. The solution for a visible reduction in fine lines, wrinkles & pigmentation.

A clinically-proven ingredient with collagen boosting and anti-oxidant power.

Designed as a daily concentrate to add complexion enchancing power to your current skincare product.

Suitable for: 

+ sensitive
+ dry/dehydrated
+ mature
+ menopausal

Ascorbic Acid is the only form of vitamin C that our body can process, and the vitamin C actually found in nature.

Our formula uses a unique blend of ascorbic acid (only skin active form of vit C) and Glutathione conjugated to gold submicron particles to dramatically enhance the skin penetration, the stability and the antioxidant properties of Vit C, as proven by both in-vitro and in-vivo clinical testing.:


  • PURE ascorbic acid, not a derivative: REAL ACTIVE FORM of vitamin C instantly bio available to our skin
  • physical stabilisation onto gold particles allow 100% stability to ensure it remains active until it reaches the skin (100% stability in emulsion for 6mths at high temperature), and then rapidly releases active vit C for immediate efficacy
  • co-grafted with Gluthatione which regenerates Ascorbic acid into its active form and extend the efficacy of vitamin C
  • Clinically proven delivery system which delivers the vitamin where it is needed (60% in epidermis in 30 min) 
  • In Human Dermal Fibroblast, it effectively stimulates collagen synthesis and protects against lipoperoxidation.
  • Unique, skin friendly pH formula, allowing full penetration without irritation


All our concentrates are fragrance free and self-preserved to ensure best compatibility with skin care products.


NEED THIS TO BE UPDATED -  Collagen is the foundation of our skin's structure and is responsible for its strength and firmness (collagen is a general term as there are many different variations of collagen types -at least 30- in the body). Collagen consists of amino acids swirling together to form super triple-helices of strong elongated fibres, which provide the anchoring and supporting structure of our skin.

Collagen is a protein, and as such can be easily damaged by biological processes (natural enzymes involved in inflammation) or by external factors such as sun rays. Over time, with collagen damage and disappearance, the skin loses its support system and starts to sag.

So the addition of collagen in skin care, or more recently in oral supplements to fight the effects of ageing is a logical and effective way of fighting back.
When used in skin care, external collagen had two functions:
+ native collagen (large molecules) has a direct hydrating and tightening effect
+ hydrolysed collagen (small segments of collagen) are able to penetrate the epidermis to repair and stimulate the skin.

We have searched for the ideal combination of collagens to deliver the efficacy needed by skins lacking firmness caused by natural ageing or a life well lived (think outdoor and sun exposure).

Our Collagen supplement is based on a concentrated blend of pro collagen (a powerful tri-peptide proven to stimulate collagen production) and large Marine Collagen fibres to immediately hydrate and smooth out the appearance of the skin.

Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Ascorbic acid, Colloidal Gold, Xanthan gum, sorbitol, Sclerotium gum, Lecithin, Pullulan, Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Gluthatione, Caprylyl Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Propanediol XAGO.01

This concentrate is: 

+ vegan friendly
+ preservative free
+ fragrance free
+ alcohol free
+ gluten free
+ nut free
+ can be used pure

Dispense a suitable amount of your favourite moisturiser on the back of your hand. Add one or two drops of Gold C and pat gently to blend. Apply the blend to your face, avoiding the eye area.

Dilution rate for whole face application: 1 to 2 drop of concentrate in 4 drops of  your usual moisturiser

Gold C concentrate may be used pure. In that case, we recommend layering with a moisturiser on top to enhance the penetration of the active ingredient.

Works well with:

+ Combine with CERAMIDES for a beautifully smooth and radiant skin

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