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for sensitive and dry skin

The Ceramides booster is a purified skin-identical formula that can help restore radiance in your skin. Our ingredients hydrate and nourish your skin and hair to leave you rejuvenated within days. 

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not another serum

The Gold C booster is packed with collagen boosting and antioxidant power to help enhance complexion and reduce pigmentation. Our ingredients protect and smooth your skin to leave you renewed within days. 

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multi-lifting action

The SP Lift booster uses purified natural Spilanthes Acmella to help restore firmness in your skin and reduce visible wrinkles. Our ingredients lift and smooth your skin to leave you revitalised within days. 

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what they say

Amazing product, so easy to use. I mixed the Gold>C with my face oil, It feels so lightweight. Also, the liquid itself is so PRETTY! I’ve been using it on my skin for 3 weeks now, my skin feels hydrated, plump and importantly my skin tone has been even! It’s now a staple!

Falisha A

I have incredibly dry skin and have always been looking for moisturisers and serums that would actually hydrate my skin (to no real success). This product is actually phenomenal... after adding it to my normal Lancôme moisturiser my skin looked 100 times better with glow and radiance. My skin even felt firm and dewy (which it hasn’t for many years). This product is my new go to and I don’t think I could leave it out of my skincare routine anymore. Amazing product!

Alex S

Before using Ceramides from Xaya Beauty I struggled with breakouts on my forehead and cheeks- I thought it was something I was eating that I may have an intolerance for, the breakouts were that bad. After using this product for only a week I noticed an immediate difference in my cheeks and forehead. Consistently using this product has been life changing!

Stephanie H

This is my second product tried from the range. Lift is slightly more difficult to mix in my moisturiser because it is oil based, but the positive is that it provide additional nourishment to my skin which I wasnt expecting. The immediate smoothing effect on fine line is great but I am also very happy to say that the long term improvement is now visible.

Ariane R

This is my new go-to for insanely glowy skin (no, not shiny, glowy)!

I was gifted this as part of the launch campaign and it's quite honestly such an incredible product. I will be purchasing again when I run out.

Charlotte G

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