We prioritise the use of natural ingredients and this empowers us to leverage the benefits of the most potent and efficient raw materials available.

Our active concentrates are formulated to seamlessly blend with your current skincare or haircare regimen.

This formulation is thoroughly tested to ensure effectiveness, compatibility and versatility when incorporated into your beauty routine.

We believe in the power of harmonious synergy between nature and science, creating a product range that offers optimal performance focused on your individual skincare or haircare needs.

  • All our active concentrates come with clinical data or significant scientific backing which means you get the best performance for your skin and hair.
  • All concentrates are compatible with all skincare you want to blend.
  • We source high purity, potent ingredients from the most reputable suppliers across the globe.
  • Natural, when possible.
  • Every concentrate is scrutinised for purity, safety profile and efficacy.

If you have sensitive skin or known allergies, check our PATCH TESTING TIPS before using our concentrates.