introducing xaya

The revolutionary brand that empowers you to elevate your skincare routine effortlessly

Beauty experts

Our expert formulator, Cosmetic Chemist Annabelle Personeni, brings decades of top industry experience to create a highly refined range of pure concentrated actives. With Xaya, you have the flexibility to tailor your beauty regime daily, addressing your skin's unique needs.

What makes Xaya unique:

Self-preserving: No worries about preservative interactions or reactions on your skin.

Seamlessly mixes: Avoid pilling or flaking when combining with other products.

Allows for multiple ingredient additions: Enjoy true skincare control without ingredients reacting or cancelling each other out.

Super concentrated: Achieve powerful results with just 2 drops, without weighing down your product.

Suitable for:

(not limited to)

     + Oily skin
     + Dry skin
     + Mature skin
     + Environmental defence [for all skin types]
     + Problem skin