How to improve the penetration of skincare through the skin with SPILANTHOL and SP+ LIFT

How can I improve the penetration of skin care ingredients with Splilanthol and SP Lift+

SP+ LIFT's hero active molecule SPILANTHOL has been shown to improve the penetration of actives through skin:

Read this to discover the easy way to maximise your skin care routine with a few drops of Insta-lift!

Our skin's main function is to PROTECT our bodies: this is called "the barrier function of the skin" which ensures that moisture and nutrients from within our skin and flesh does not leach out and prevents germs or external irritants to enter our blood stream. And our skin is VERY good at it: great for our health, not so for our skin care needs:  

Unfortunately a strong skin barrier function also means that most of the actives in skin care products are NOT absorbed thought the skin (as in: does not reach the dermis, the living layer of the skin where blood vessels are located and all collagen, elastin and other active cells) unless formulated with specific ingredients known as “penetration enhancers”. An exemple of good penetration enhancer is ethanol, so are many glycols or SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), they are known to effectively disrupt the skin barrier and can significantly improve the penetration of actives and molecules they solubilise. However these are not always wanted in our skin care products as they are can be quite irritant.  


Spilanthol (key active in Xaya’s SP+ LIFT) is a natural plant molecule classified in the category of “N-alkylamides”. This class of molecules which also includes Capsaicin (from Capsicums) is known for beneficial effect in dermal applications such as strong warming effect and anti inflammatory action  (1)

Interestingly, both Spilanthol and capsaicin have been shown to enhance the penetration of some actives through the skin barrier making these components a very valuable addition to skin care formulations. Spilanthol has one key advantage it doesn’t have any of the side effects such irritating or reddening issues of capsaicin, or drying effect of ethanol.

A 2013 study (2) demonstrated that the addition of Spilanthol at a concentration of 0.1 to 1% in a formulation improved the penetration of molecules such as caffeine, testosterone and a number of mycotoxines (non-desirable molecules in the case of skin care but nonetheless a demonstration of the penetration enhancing properties of Spilanthol).

The great news is, the addition of one or two drops of Xaya Insta Lift to your skin care will provide enough Spilanthol to provide the same level of penetration enhancement as used in the published study.

So simpling adding spilanthol to your usual serum or moisturiser may improve the performance of actives which would otherwise stay on the skin surface.



Spilanthol SP LIFT penetration enhancer for skin care actives


SP+ LIFT is an oil-based concentrate and therefore can be easily added to any facial oils or oil-based serums.

When added to creams or emulsions, it is best mixed with fluid or soft moisturisers rather than butters to facilitate the intimate mixing prior or applying to the skin.

If you are adding to a thick, rich butter like moisturiser, we recommend applying a few drops of XAYA SP+ Lift to your skin first and massage in before applying your rich moisturiser to maximise the effects of both.



(1) Capsaicin: Plants of the Genus Capsicum and Positive Effect of Oriental Spice on Skin Health - Skin Pharmacol Physiol 2020;33:331–341
(2)Skin penetration enhancing properties of the plant N-alkylamide spilanthol - ScienceDirect 3/9


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