Spilanthol is the best botox alternative anti wrinkle smoothing skin lifting SP Lift

Is SPILANTHOL the Best Botox Serum Alternative?

Much has been said about Botox, its benefits for smoothing out wrinkles but also its possible issues: cumulative effect which can end up causing muscle weakness, bruising, swelling at injection sites, etc.

Botox is not for everyone, especially if, like me, you are not keen on needles and rather favour a gentler, body friendly approach. But I, like many, still want my skin to be as smooth and wrinkle free as possible for my age (middle age…approaching mature).

Well rejoice!

In recent years a new molecule has made the news: It targets the micro muscles under our skin, but in a much less invasive manner without the side effects. To top it up, this ingredient delivers many other benefits to your skin, from environmental protection to collagen stimulation.


BOTOX, you are OUT, enters… SPILANTHOL!


 Chemical structure of spilanthol, natural botox like active extracted from the plant Spilanthes  acmella



Spilanthol is the bio active compound extracted from the medicinal plant Spilanthes acmela. Traditionally used for centuries by South American populations for food and medicine, it has most recently been rediscovered and recent research has unveiled several highly beneficial properties for our health.

If you are interested in a deep dive into the extraordinary pharmacological properties of Spilanthol, read the article (ref 3 at the end of this page) which summarises the enormous amount of scientific literature produced on this molecule about its biological & pharmacological effect: analgesic, neuroprotective, antioxidant, antimutagenic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and insecticidal activities, all backed up by published scientific evidence.

… but for now let’s focus on the most essential properties of all, the beautifying and anti-age efficacy of Spilanthol!



Extract of plants rich in Spilanthol have been used by indigenous populations to sooth tooth aches, thanks to its slight numbing effect…. demonstrating its ability to penetrate deep into the skin.
From there it was soon discovered that it could also relax the micro muscle responsible for the formation of fine wrinkles, for a lifting smoothing effect.

This is why Spilanthol is called the natural Botox…

The significant difference with Botox though, is that muscles cans still move, so your facial expressions are preserved, NO FROZEN FACE SYNDROME.

But the power of Spilanthol doesn’t stop here: In addition to the wrinkles relaxing effect, Spilanthol provide the skin with:

  • anti free-radicals power, essential against pollution, UV, blue light and other sources of oxidation that harms the skin and accelerate aging.
  • anti-inflammatory and soothing properties
  • but also stimulate wound healing, which translates as skin repair and collagen stimulation for mature skins.



Xaya skincare has harnessed the power of Spilanthol in SP LIFT, the first 10x concentrate to deliver this amazing ingredient in a convenient format so you can add it directly in your current skin care routine, on demand.

The potent blend of extract has been validated by clinical studies against placebo, showing a reduction of the depth of wrinkles by up to 25% within 5 minutes of application, resulting in a visibly smoother skin, due to reduced muscle tension.

Add a few drops of SP LIFT concentrate into your day or night cream and harvest the power of Natural Botox!

  • Use in the morning to harness the antoxidant properties and protect your skin against the environmental aggressions of the day
  • Add it to your night cream to repair and regenerate the skin whilst you sleep.

Best of all: planning a night out? You can also rub a drop or two of SP Lift directly on fine line for a rapid smoothing effect, top up with a light weight serum ET VOILA! Lifted, smoothed, glowing skin.



  1. No needle required, Spilanthol penetrates when applied onto the skin.
  2. Botox paralyses the nerves for a long time and freezes the face, whilst Spilanthol works by relaxing the micro muscle activity under the skin. Smoothed wrinkles but facial expressions are maintained
  3. Spilanthol has been shown to enhance the penetration of other actives to power up your skin care, Botox is just….Botox




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