What is in and out

We believe that no matter how good the results of a skin care product is, it shouldn't cause harm to one's health or the environment.

Clean Beauty is the new way to approach health promoting, toxin free skin care.

Most of our ingredients are natural or from natural sources, but we also accept synthetic ingredients as long as they are "clean", which means we make sure that the process of making these ingredients does not leave toxic impurities in the ingredient.

We classify our ingredients into two distinctive categories:

  • the active concentrates  
    It is the molecule(s) mosty responsible for delivering the expected benefits to the skin, and
  • the excipient: 
    This is the base in which the concentrates are stabilised in each vial.

Here is how we select each and every one of our concentrates:


We favour natural ingredients for our bases because they are generally closer to the skin's natural biology and more bio-comparable but we make occasional exception if necessary (for instance with some preservatives as the cleanliness and safety of our products is our utmost priority).

We have decided to consider concentrates that are natural as well as some synthetics, because some people prefer one, or the other, or some people don't mind either way. Regardless, our choice is always based on the safety of the ingredient and its efficacy, and the origin will always be disclosed so you can make your own decision of what is right for you:

✔ All our active concentrates come with clinical data or significant scientific backing which means you get the best performance for your skin and hair.

✔ All concentrates are preservative free to be fully compatible with all skin care you want to blend them in.

✔ We source high purity, potent ingredients from the most reputable suppliers across the globe

✔ Naturals, when possible and always clean

✔ Every concentrates is scrutinised for its purity, safety profile and efficacy, including the ingredients used in the bases or serums. If you have sensitive skin or known allergies, check our PATCH TESTING TIPS before using because our contrentrates are concentrated and highly active.



Some concentrates we prefer to stay away from, either because they have a questionable safety profile for people or the environment, or because they are just unnecessary.

✖  Some preservatives we DON'T USE because they have an established trail of reported

Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone (MI) as they cause allergies
Triclosan due to its persistence in the environment
Paraben-based preservatives

✖  Colours are not necessary in skin care unless they come from the concentrate itself (for example: carrot extract which is orange).

✖  Ethoxylated thickeners such as PEG150 or ethoxylated solubilisers such as (PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate or PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil). Whilst these are great to enhance the penetration of active ingredients through the skin, they are also contaminated with dioxane, an established cancer-causing impurity coming from the manufacturing process.

✖  Fragrances: all concentrates are fragrance-free to make them fully compatible with any skin care. Our bases do contain a natural fragrance at a low level because it makes the experience of looking after ourselves even more enjoyable!